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Paul CR Monk - author interview
As a boy I was always fascinated by words and their musicality and, like many kids, I used to write poems. Coming from a modest background I was embarrassed about my secret emotions and would hide the poems under my mattress until one day my mother unearthed them. She thought I either had lots of girlfriends or a fertile imagination, either of which were quite worrying! My desire to write grew until one day I wrote a page of text which I imagined as part of a whole book. To think you can actually create a whole world with just words made me realise their countless possibilities! From that day on I wanted to be a writer. Read more…



Author Interview And Review On Little Hyuts

I did an author interview a few weeks back with Jill Marie who runs Little Hyuts on the occasion of a giveway for Strange Metamorphosis. It was an interesting exercise. Basically, I was asked to answer a indexseries of set questions. This is a great way for both contract and indie authors to give away a little of themselves. I know that, as a reader, I enjoy reading this kind of interview, it allows you to get a better psychological picture of the author you enjoy reading or one that you’d like to read. You can read my answers to Jill’s interview as well as her review right here >>>