Tips for Aspiring Video Game Writers

Video game writing is constantly thinking outside the box to fit all
the story elements inside it!

video game writing

Over the years I’ve written pretty much across the board, from console games to MMORPG, from DS games to big budget blockbusters. I even penned an interactive language learning course for an iDVD.

My aim here is to point out pitfalls and offer up tips I have collected as game writer, editor and translator. Only once you know how to identify pitfalls in writing, can you avoid or play with them as you please.

BTW, if you want to read something about how to become a game writer, check out this post on artistryingames, it pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.

I won’t be too concerned with the high level theory here, there are already plenty of good articles on concept and narrative design such as: Practical Guide to Game Writing. Instead I will be digging into the magical yarn spinning, the pen to paper stuff, as well as the less appealing nitty-gritty aspects of everyday game writing.

So, let’s dive straight in with one of the less glamorous sides of video game writing, AI lines.